In an old nuclear reactor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm stands a steel framed cube. Behind a black, opaque glass pane on the front of the cube hides the cover art of the brand new Avicii album, True. Inside and around the cube are massive speakers that pump out the bassline of Avicii's new track You Make Me. It is now your mission to raise the volume and smash the glass to reveal the cover art.

All you have to do is to tweet a revealing fact about yourself, using the hashtag #TrueReveal. Your tweet will be projected onto the black glass pane as it pumps up the volume on the speakers, a small but significant bit. With the number of tweets new layers of the track will be unlocked and the volume will be raised, until the track You Make Me is played in whole and the glass pane shatters from the bass pressure.

Will your tweet be the one to reveal the cover art of Avicii's new album?

The cube is a 180cm wide, tall and deep construction, with a 8cm thick steel frame and wooden side panels. It contains two massive subwoofers and is specially built for the reveal of the Avicii album True, to build up pressure and direct the energy from the speakers towards the glass pane.

This event is live streamed, and everything you see is happening in real time. If there are a lot of tweets using the hashtag #TrueReveal at the same time there may be a delay before your tweet is projected onto the black glass pane, but your tweet's effect on the volume happens instantly. As this is an experiment it is uncertain exactly how many tweets it will take for the music to become so loud that the glass shatters, so make sure to stay tuned not to miss out on the reveal.

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